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2019-05-02 RSSA Stroke Imaging Protocol
The RSSA, in conjunction with the South African Society of Neuroimaging (SASNI)
and the South African Neurointerventional Society (SANIS), has developed updated
Stroke Imaging Guidelines which are provided below:

icon 2019 05 02 RSSA Stroke Imaging Protocol (176.88 kB)


RSSA PET-CT Guidelines version 2 - August 2013

Version two of the RSSA's PET-CT guidelines have been published. Please click the link below to download the updated PET-CT Guidelines.

Guidelines are always work in progress. Please forward any comments or suggestions for possible alterations to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

icon RSSA PET-CT Guidelines version 2 - August 2013 (2.49 MB)

RSSA Statement on Indemnity for Foetal And Obstetric Ultrasound


Advice to Members MPS Foetal Scanning July 2013 (81.66 kB)

RSSA/SASPI Final Paediatric Imaging Guidelines V1.1 Jan 2013

Final version:

icon RSSA SASPI Paediatric Imaging Guidelines final v1.1 Jan 2013 (1.15 MB)

CT examinations policy document (v1 - March 2012)

icon RSSA Policy Doc CT Exams Ver1 080312 (96.7 kB)

Mammography policy document (v1 - August 2012)

icon RSSA Policy Doc Mammography Ver 1 0812 (30.84 kB)

PET CT Guidelines as produced by the Radiological Society of South Africa (v2008.1)

CT Scan

Combined PET/CT has redefined the gold standard for oncologic imaging.

Despite superb resolution of MDCT and MRI, some malignancies may go undetected. Poor sensitivity for early disease is a major shortcoming, as is the ability to predicttreatment response at an early stage. These shortcomings also apply to the accurateevaluation of residual disease or early detection of recurrent disease and subsequentrestaging of tumours.

icon PET_CT_Guidelines (1.63 MB)

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